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So a few days ago CIE results were finally announced after a very long wait!

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised. A* in IGCSE Eng(Lit), Phys, Bio, Chem and A in AS Maths. However, compared to the rest of my class, it wasn’t that great and I’m slightly worried I might not make it into the top maths/english classes this year (we stream like, everything).

Which brings me to the topic of goal setting. People don’t seem to realise how important spending 30 minutes to think and write down some goals for the year is. Goals give us something to work towards, instead of just thinking “oh, I’m going to work super hard this year and get better results”, be more specific.

For example, here are my academic goals for 2013:

  • 90+ in Phys/Chem/Bio
  • 80+ in English Lit
  • 95+ when I resit AS Maths and 90+ for my A2

Be specific and reasonable. If you are terrible at a certain subject, don’t force yourself to get that A*. For me, English is a very bipolar subject, sometimes I do great, sometimes I totally misread a essay question and fail horribly. Therefore, I aim for that A because it’s enough and it’s easier to work to.

So go get some paper, and jot down your goals for 2013. I hope it’ll give you the motivation to work hard and achieve those results you want :)

Okay I’m not sure if this blog will work out or not? Because after that intro post a lot of my old followers unfollowed…

Basically I give you tips, try to motivate you whilst motivating myself.

I’m still not sure how this is going to work…so if you have any suggestions please leave an ask!

Hello again! I’m Charlie and I have decided to revive this blog for 2013. You can probably tell that I used to be a fandom blog but I’ve decided to revamp this blog into a “study-help” one. 

I personally know the effects of procrastination and how difficult studying/school can be, and I hope by putting together my methods/experience I can guide you all so you don’t make the same mistakes!

2013 is a big academic year for me, with an 5 A levels and Biology Olympiad so I hope that this blog can also motivate and inspire me to work hard.

Currently (as I’m on holiday) I’ll try to post 2-3 “study tips” etc per week, along with general reblogging of stuff I like tv shows lol

I’m open to suggestions so feel free to drop me an ask :)

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